You should check disc brakes and disc brake linings every 10,000 miles — more often if your brakes suddenly start to squeal or pull to one side, or if your brake pedal flutters when you step on it. Don’t confuse the fluttering with the normal pulsing of ABS brakes when they’re applied in an emergency […]

We are china brake disc manufacturer ,was founded in 1995, is a professional china brake disc manufacturer ,brake rotor manufacturer . And the company has more than 4,000 varieties models, and export to North America, Europe and other countries.   We are specializing in car brake disc and truck brake disc, trailer brake disc. Brake Disc For […]

Наша компания была основана в Китае 1995 году и занимается производством тормозных дисков для автомобилей профессионального уровня. Мы производим тормозные диски и тормозные роторы для автомобилей. В нашем ассортименте представлено более 4000 моделей, которые поставляются в Северную Америку, Европу и другие страны по всему миру. Наша компания занимается производством тормозных дисков для автомобилей, грузовиков и […]

How to change brake disc? —China Brake Disc Manufacturer Hey guys, Qihai Auto Parts here. Today, I’m going to give you my Top 10 tips for changing brake pads and Brake discs. This video isn’t going to go in-depth about changing brake pads and brake discs. I have a few really good in-depth brake videos […]

proizvođač kočionih diskova U Kini – Qihai Auto Mi smo proizvođač poruclanskih disk kočnica, I osnovani smo 1995, kao profesionalni proizvođač disk kočnica od porculana, proizvođač kočnica rotora. I kompanija ima više od 4.000 sorti modela, i izvozimo u Sjevernu Ameriku, Evropu i druge zemlje. Specijalizirani smo za disk kočnice automobila i disk kočnice kamiona, […]

What are Brake Discs and How do They Work? There are two types of car brakes. One is called disc brakes while another called drum. If you are interested in buying disc brakes or want to do a brake disc replacement, then this is the right place for you!   Maybe you just want to know […]

How to stop brake squeaking in your car brake rotor manufacturer Hey guys, how’s it going today? I’m going to show you the five reasons why your brakes are making noise. Brake noise is something very common in cars. And it is easily one of the most annoying things you hear when you’re driving. So […]

new-front-brake-rotor-comparison-from-3-different-manufacturers Well, you can see I have a Mercedes Benz up on the lift here and been looking it over and it obviously is going to need a new set of front rotors. There’s quite a bit of wear you can see the deep grooving and particularly out towards the outer lip, there’s some real […]

The ULTIMATE Guide on How to Replace Drum Brakes   Chris Fix: Hey guys. Chris Fix here. Today I’m going to show you how to replace your drum brakes on your car or your truck. This is going to be a complete guide. I’m going to show every detail, every step on replacing the drum […]