How to Decide If Need to Replace the BRAKE DISC?

How to Decide If Need to Replace the BRKAE DISC?


Replacement cycle of brake disc
Usually, we need to check the front brake disc over 60,000 kilometers,and as well as the back brake disc over 120,000 kilometers. 
Since different types of cars have different standard maintenance cycles, we should follow below detailed requirements from manufacturer.

How to decide if need to replace the brake disc?

We can decide the replacement according to below three methods:

     1) Listen: If there is a sibilant hiss like iron rubbing iron( a sound may can be heard from the burnishing of brake pads that firstly installed) when tap the brakes, we should replace the brake pads immediately. Because it represents that the convex marking set on each side of the brake pads has been rubbed directly with the brake disc, which shows the end of life cycle of brake pads.
When it happens, we should check both the brake disc and brake pads, for usually the brake disc has been damaged with a scratch( as shown below picture). If the hiss sound continues after replaced the brake pas, we suggest to change the brake disc too.
listen brake disc
Besides, the hiss sound will continue if we use poor quality brake pads. But in this case, the hiss sound will fade after driving for a period of time.
    2) Usually, if the warning light of brake disc is on, we should change the brake disc. The warning light will not be on until the brake disc is damaged or excessively worn. And the light will be out after the repair. We suggest to check the brake disc regularly instead of relying on the warning light only. Because when the light is on, the brake disc has already reached the limit, which is dangerous for driving.

     3) Check the thickness: there is a wear indicator on most of the brake disc. The indicator consists of three concave pits on the face of brake disc. The depth of pits is measured to be 1.5mm with vernier caliper. When the total wearing depth of two sides reaches 3mm,which in other words, a absolute wear happens as shown below, we suggest to replace the drake disc in time.

brake disc replace 2

Of course,not all of the brake discs have the wear indicators. While we can still know the general wear depth by feeling the width of outside edge of brake disc. As above, if the total wearing depth of two sides reaches 3mm, we suggest to replace the drake disc in time.
Besides, if different types of brake discs which have different braking actions are set on the two sides, it will lead a deviation, poor braking action or longer braking distance. So we suggest to replace both sides’ braking pads at the same time to ensure the braking effort.







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