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Question: Are you Factory?
Answer  : Yes, We are factory Produce Brake Disc,Brake Drum,Bake Rotor.

Question: What kind of brake Disc you can produce?
Answer  : We can produce more than 2500 different brake disc,car brake discs, truck brake disc,drum,rotor.

Question : How about your quality?
Answer   : Our Brake Disc is for aftersales Market.We have customers in European, America. Our brake disc 
           has a very good quality.

Question : Do you have any warranty?
Answer    : Warranty 3 years. 

Question : What is our minimul Order ?
Answer   : 100 pcs for each model.If your quantity is small, you can buy from local market.

Question : What is your production time? and shipping time by sea ?
 Answer :   35 days is our delivery date. 30 to 40 days by sea shipping.

Questions: How About Your Price?
Answer   : 20% Lower than your local dealer.