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Location:Rear Axle 
Height:61.5 mm
Diameter:272 mm
Centering Diameter:75 mm
Pitch Circle Diameter:120 mm
Brake Disc Thickness:9.5 mm
Minimum Thickness:7.9 mm
Number Of Holes:5 
Solid Or Vented:S 
Weight:4.1 kg



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As China Brake Disc Machinery manufacturer, was founded in 2006, is a profess china brake disc manufacturer, brake rotor manufacturer . And the company has more than 3,000 varieties, and export to North America, Europe and other countries.

As a brake disc Chinese manufacturer, We are currently selling brake disc and brake rotor in various continents, such as, North American( USA, Canada ,Mexico,etc), South America(Uruguay, Brazil, etc), European (Germany, Russia, Italy, etc), Africa .Most of clients in those regions are satisfied with our products and reorder. Why we could be ahead of others in every segment we touched, here are the reasons. 

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BMW Brake Disc

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