How to deal with rust brakes disc

How to deal with rust brakes disc

Most of the Brake disc is made of grey iron HT250, when meet wet and rainy weather, coupled with the long-term wind and sun, if the vehicle is parked for a long time, the surface will naturally generate some rust, but these rust more or less will affect the normal operation of the braking system, so we need to get rid of rust above brakes disc. How to deal with it?

     1. If there is only a slight surface rust, it can be used when driving continuous braking method to clear, driving, touch on the brakes and let the brake pads and brake discs friction surface "polishing" button.

     2. If the situation is more serious rust, uneven surface can cause the brakes. At this point, it will be difficult to get rid of rust, even if reluctantly, "polished", and afterwards also cause abnormal wear of brake pads, the situation will still appear jitter. The best way is let vehicle entered the repair shop, will remove the brakes, rust sanding with sandpaper will clean and check the brake pads surface without exception, are properly installed after the road test.

     3. On a flat surface at a speed of 70KM / H speed driving, brake several times to ensure that no abnormality can be. If there is jitter occurs, it shows the brakes uneven surface, requiring further treatment or polishing, as the case may be given screed replacement.

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How to deal with rust brakes disc
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